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Garden Club

garden club 1At our library we have a small garden that was underutilized.  We decided to turn it into a vegetable garden for teens.

We partnered with our local garden club, The Dunesland Garden Club, and a master gardner led our club.

Here’s how we started our garden club

Week 1: What’s The Garden For?  

Have teens decide what they want to plant and what they want to do with their club 3 As adults, we like green beans but not many teens do. Begin by talking about what the teens would like to do with their produce.

Ideas:  Salsa, pizza toppings, baked goods, beauty products

Bigger Projects:

* Have a healthy eating series-Invite a local chef to teach teens or adults how to prepare healthy meals or have a vegetarian/vegan program.

* Have the garden club sell produce at the local farmer’s market

* Turn your garden into a community garden

* The youth department can use the produce to serve healthy lunches if you live in a low income community.

Weeks 2 & 3: Preparing the Garden

garden club 2This is the opportunity to teach teens how to dig up plants and how to plant seeds.  We had an in-ground garden and an above-ground potters.


Weeks 4 & 5: Cultivating the Garden

During these weeks, teens learned about weeding, bugs, rabbits/squirrels, and fertilizing.

You can use a slower day to make a bird feeder or decorate rocks to jazz up the garden.


Week 6: Visiting a Community Garden

Take a trip to a larger community garden and have the organizers talk about maintaining a large garden.

Some of your produce will begin to sprout.  We let our teens eat it off of the plant.  They ate cucumbers, broccoli (yes, they ate it…with some ranch dressing). They sampled basil and mint.


Produce won’t begin to grow until the end of July into August so most of your food projects won’t be doable until then.  If you have a reoccurring group, you can inform them to come back at a later date to make salsa, pizza, or baked goods.



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