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Storytime For Teens

Why should Pre-K get all the fun?

Storytime For Teens (SFT) is a gaming program that teaches teens how to create stories with gaming/coding.

This was our first SFT and we used Scratch as an easy site to introduce coding.  Scratch is a free website that provides easy coding lessons.  The lessons are great because teens can learn at their own pace.  Teens need to make an account and they must have an email.

SFT was divided into three weekly sessions.  Five teens participated.  We served lunch but otherwise, SFT is a free program that incorporates STEM.

storytime for teens 2Session 1:  Storytime For Teens: Beginner

In the beginning class, teens created an account and learned about the basic functions of each button.

  • Creating a simple story for their game.
  • The purpose of x and y axis.
  • How to add more characters.
  • How to make their character talk.
  • If/then codes
  • Repeat codes

storytime for teensSession 2: Storytime for Teens: Intermediate

  • How to add backgrounds
  • How to make more advanced if/then codes
  • Troubleshooting

Session 3: Storytime for Teens: Advanced

At this point, teens knew how to make a basic storyline video game.  They used all the tools they learned in the previous classes to work on their own.  Teens can access the Scratch account at home and were encouraged to continue coding at home or when they come back to the library.

Click here to see a video of Annie’s game.



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