Social Media

We all know social media is important to connect with teens but what social media should you use?

Each demographic is different so it’s important to know what the teens in your community use.  To do this, we contacted our district high school’s librarian and asked if we could sit in the library one day and survey the students.

We used a paper survey that consisted of three questions:

1.  What social media do you use? We listed all of the popular ones and asked them to circle all the ones they use.

2.  What fandoms are you in? (Fandoms are groups of people with a common interest in a particular pop culture TV show, movie, book, etc.) Once again, we listed a bunch and had them circle.

3.  What’s your favorite TV show? Once again, we listed popular ones and we left a blank for them to fill in a show that wasn’t listed.

We do multiple choice because if you leave blanks for teens to fill in, their handwriting might be illegible or they might say they don’t know.  The less questions the better and give them candy for participating.

We use Facebook and Instagram.

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