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Stress Pets Again

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If you are looking for a cheaper way to make stress pets, here’s an idea. If you have $$ to spend, check out my first stress pets post.

Budget: $10+ (Depending on the supplies you already have)


  • Felt
  • Needle and embroidery thread
  • Black Sharpie (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Fragrance Sachet (optional)
  • 8 lb bag of pinto beans


  1. You can do any template you want but I chose a llama because they are all the rage now and it’s probably because of Fortnite. I would have done an emoji but I didn’t have yellow felt-I just used whatever I had in my craft closet.
    1. I could not find a llama template so I had to draw one. It’s not hard and I’m not an artist.
  2. I pre-cut the llamas for the teens because this was for a drop in program and teens usually only spend about 30 minutes in the program. If you are filling a longer program, you can have teens cut out their own llamas.
  3. Have teens make the nose using a different color felt. I drew in the snout using the Sharpie but you can teach teens how to make the snout with the thread. Use the fabric glue to adhere the nose, then use the Sharpie or thread to make eyes.
  4. The thread is supposed to be visible so have teens choose a different color embroidery thread.
  5. Embroidery thread is made up of several strands of thread. You have to pick one
    Blanket Stitch

    strand and pull to get one.  It’s confusing; I know. Once you have a nice long piece, thread and knot at the end. When you embroider, you only use a single strand in the needle but I used two strands like you do when you sew with sewing thread.

    1. Be sure to get needles with large eyes.
  6. There are several stitches you can do but I think the best one is the blanket stitch. I didn’t know this when I did mine but if you have a longer program, you can teach teens how to do this stitch.
  7. Have teens leave a opening to fill their llama with beans and fragrance. I bought my fragrance sachet at The Dollar Tree by the candles. I just had them spoon in their desired amount. It smells so much better than the essential oil and water method I used in my first stress pets post.
  8. Have teens finish sewing and they are all done.




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