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Stress Pets

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I originally saw this craft on a FB group but I can’t find the original poster. But, you know who you are and thanks for the inspo.

It was May which meant finals and graduation and crossing fingers to find out if you’re graduating and getting ready for college and all the end of school year things. Teens may need something to play with and snuggle as they deal-stress pets!

Disclaimer: The furry fabric I used got EVERYWHERE when I cut it. I WILL NEVER USE IT AGAIN! But it’s really fluffy and cute so if you use this, you’ve been warned.

Budget: $50/10 teens


  • Fabric (Choose a soft textured fabric)vR5xHNI9SGCVhwuoA3ZkPQ
  • Polly Pellets (I used 4 pounds with ten teens. I’ll explain more in the tips section)
  • Safety Eyes
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Funnel & scoop (optional)
  • Fragrance-water; essential oils; water bottle (optional)


  1. I pre-cut the fabric into 5×5 inch squares. The smaller the better because it reduces sewing time and it doesn’t need as many pellets.
  2. Let teens choose their eye color.%EKFxoYfQRmLmCyE%%2XPA
  3. Allow teens to decide where they want to put their eyes. Have them use scissors to make a small hole thru the fabric and then push the safety eyes thru the hole. The safety eyes should come with a backing. Put the backing on like contact lenses.
  4. Sew inside out on 3 1/2 sides. Make sure teens make small stitches so that the pellets don’t fall out.
  5. If you want to provide a scent, pre-mix water and ten drops of essential oils. We used lavender and told teens about its calming affects.
    1. Spray the inside of the pet.
  6. Flip the pet the to the correct side.
  7. I put the pellets in a large container. I had  the teens scoop the pellets into the funnel into their pet.
  8. Sew the final side and you’re all done!


  • My teens went HAM on the pellets and we went thru 6 pounds. Inform them to only fill their pet half way because teens want to fill them all the way. You can use dried beans for filling if you are saving money-black eyed peas, etc.
  • Stress to teens that they need to make their stitches are small. My teens didn’t and all of them had to go over their holes. Or buy big pellets so that they won’t fall out.


Sewing is always exhausting because of all the one on one assistance but the teens really do take the time to hand sew and go over their mistakes. Teens like to hand sew because it’s methodical and easy to learn and they’ve created something from nothing. If you haven’t don’t sewing with teens, I highly recommend it but you might need a co-worker or volunteer to help you.



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