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DIY Patches

Collecting patches and ironing them to jackets or backpacks or purses are still a thing, however; teens are limited by what manufacturers make, until today. Making patches is easy and fun and teens can make whatever patch they want.

Budget: $30 for lots of teens-30+ (Depends on what you already own)

Supplies Needed:

  • Heat bond
  • White or tan canvas
  • Iron
  • Fabric blue
  • Water based Sharpies or regular Sharpies
  • Black Sharpie
  • iPad (Optional)
  • Pre-printed images (Optional)
  • Trace pad (Optional)


  • For your non-artistic teens, pre-print popular clipart. I used emojis and teens can take artistic license. For your artsy teens, they can begin drawing on the fabric using the black Sharpie.
  • For teens who want to trace, you can place the clipart on the trace pad and have teens trace the image on the fabric. Or if you have iPads, find a picture on Google images; save the pic to the iPad; open the image and trace. Or you can have teens do the preceding sentence on their phones.
I saved this image on my phone.
  • Using Sharpies, paint the image and outline again with the black Sharpie.
    1. Water based Sharpies are more vibrant than regular ones. Water based Sharpies do bleed into each other; that’s why I used a regular black Sharpie to outline.


  • Cut out the image as close as possible.
  • Clean up the cut edges with the Sharpie and apply fabric glue on the edges to prevent fraying. I used a heat gun to expedite the drying of the glue but you can have teens put it aside to make another patch. It dries fairly quickly.
I cut off the smile lines-too hard to cut
  • Follow the instructions on the Heatbond.
    1. I cut the Heatbond to the shape of the patch.
  • Tell teens to keep the paper on the back until they are ready to iron on their clothes/bag.


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