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Robotic Mini Golf

How can you take a fun family activity such as mini golf and turn it into a STEM activity?  Use robots instead of a golf ball.

Budget: Free if you already have Spheros.


  • Spheres-One or more
  • Lots of paper
  • Lots of tape
  • Whatever you have laying around your craft closet.


  1. Set up your course however you like using whatever you have in your craft closet. You can make it as big or as small as you like.
  2. We had lots of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and halloween stuff in our closet and weQoQGxIQbT42Rp9kePYSfoA

    decided on halloween decor.  We called it Face Your Fears Mini Golf.

  3. Looking through our decor, I had enough stuff for eight holes. The holes were labeled based on common fears-witches, spiders, clowns, graveyards, death, haunted houses, mummies, and ghosts.  We used our props to make obstacles.
  4. Each hole was designated by paper. Each hole had a starting point-a black dot. And a an ending point-white circle. The objective was to start on the black dot and to drive the Sphero to the white circle without hitting any obstacles or going off the paper. Every time an obstacle was hit or if the Sphero went off the paper, the participant received a point.  It’s important to stress that the lowest score wins if they are playing on teams.
  5. I printed put put robot golf score sheet and participants went to each hole.


  • We made ours big because why not but you don’t have to. You can make yours smaller and without backboards or props.
  • You can put this activity in the stacks throughout the library.
  • If you want a bigger challenge, you can require participants to code their robot rather than drive them.
  • Keeping the speed slow allows better control of the robot. If  you want a challenge, have participants increase the speed.
  • For added fun, preset the colors of the Spheros so that everyone has a different color.


YA Librarian. Lover of Sherlock. And all Things Harry Potter.

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