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K Pop (Korean Culture)

Are you looking for a program to get new teens into the library? Do you want to attract a IMG_2137large group of teens-20 +? Do you not want to spend a lot of money? The answer is K Pop.

My coworker and I were a little apprehensive because we didn’t know much about K-Pop or Korean culture but we decided to just go for it for three different days and we got approx. 60 teens.  Of course you don’t have to do three days of programming; you can host one large program and combine all the activities.

Here are the activities we did.

  • Korean Snacks: Fruit Snack |Rice Snack |  Milkis Soda | Noodle Snack
  • K-Pop Fashion: My coworker found paper dolls and drew clothes for teens to design.
  • Fan Buttons: If you have a button maker, teens can make fan buttons.  If you don’t have a button maker, you can do Shrinky Dinks.
  • Korean Dramas: We simply watched Descendants of the Sun on Netflix.
  • Oculus Go: We recently purchased Oculus Go VR Goggles and there are videos where you can watch K-Pop concerts.
  • K-Pop Music Videos: If you have a Wifi connected TV, watch K-Pop music videos on Youtube.

By far the most popular activity was the music videos.  We gave them control of the remote and they were content with watching, dancing, and screaming at music videos for TWO HOURS.

Train Like a K-Pop Star

K-Pop stars go through years of training-singing and dancing.  You can host this type of K-Pop program if you have extroverted teens.  Simply divide teens into groups, give them a song and 30 minutes and tell them to choreograph a short dance routine.  If you are really feeling fancy, tell them to bring a pair of old jeans and an old t-shirt to destroy and have them design their own outfits while in their groups.  Give them one hour in their groups to design their outfit, come up with a name, do their makeup, and choreograph their routine. Then have every group take turns performing.

What We Learned

K-Pop fans transcend age, race, and gender.  Our program attracted White, Latin, Black, and Asian teens.  We had a seven-year-old wearing a BTS hat and high school seniors chanting the BTS intro. There were LGBTQ+ teens and teens from other cities at our program and 99% of the teens who attended were new faces.

If you are indeed looking for a new group of teens, I highly recommend hosting a K-Pop program.





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