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Designernoons: I’m Super

Teens love superheroes and there’s a new Marvel/DC movie released monthly so we had the teens make their own logo and bio.

Beginner: Gluing/Sewing a Logo

I had a volunteer precut felt shapes of lightning bolts, diamond, circle, triangle, rectangle, square, quote bubble, star, and heart.  I left scraps of felt for the teens to create their own shapes.

I put out fabric glue, hot glue, and gems for bedazzling.

I made the sheet in Canva.

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Intermediate:  Adding an LED

Purchase LEDs, conductive thread, and battery holders from  Adafruit.  Cut a small hole in your felt to insert the head of the LED and hide the battery pack behind the logo.

Advanced: Superhero Cuff

Teens can fill out the sheet and instead of making a logo, they can make a cuff that turns on and off with a snap.

Materials: Felt or fabric, conductive thread, LED, snaps, coin battery (We purchased everything except the fabric from Adafruit)

Please see the diagram from instructables.

When teens snap the wristband shut, the LED should come on.



Turn this STEM activity into a reading/writing activity by having them write a short story based on their superhero.  Here is a list of other activities/programs you can do with this project:

  • 90 Minute Graphic Novel Program: Provide blank comic book template (search Google Images) and give teens 90 minutes to create a complete comic/graphic novel based on the logo/superhero they created.
  • Super Anthology: Give teens a word or page limit for their superhero story. Have them draw their logo or superhero on the opposite page.  Collect all stories and staple them together to make a book.
  • Super Zines:  Have your teens turn their logo/superhero into a zine.  A zine is a self published magazine about a person’s interests.  Teens can turn their zine into a story, quotes, pictures, etc.
  • Short Story Contest


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