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Saturday Librarian: Crafts for Geeks

Each craft had it’s own table and teens were free to move from craft to craft. There was a drying table that was covered with paper. Teens wrote their name on the paper and put their crafts by their name to dry.  We put pictures and/or step by step instructions (if needed) on every table.  This way, teens needed little to no assistance from staff.

Disclaimer: the Supernatural Wings took about 45 minutes.  The Time Turner is hard with a lot of steps.

The wands and the time turner were by far the most popular.

Harry Potter Wand-Instructions we used

Hermione’s Time Turner (Hard)-Instructions These are not the instructions I used but I lost mine.


Death Eater Masks (Harry Potter)-Plastic mask from OTC, Sharpies

Doctor Who galaxy t-shirt-Pinterest Pins

Supernatural Angel Wings-Instructions
Hello Kitty Headband-headbands, felt

Duct Tape Tardis-blue duct tape
Dr. Who’s Sonic Screwdriver-ink pen, clay, marble

geeks 3

Walking Dead-Gelatin, water, makeup, red food coloring

Harry Potter Owlery-Polymer clay, convection oven.

Hunger Games Capital Makeovers

crafts for geeks



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