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Teen Tech Week…Is Next Week?

tech and tacos 1

Teen Tech Week is next week! What? But you aren’t ready? No worries, we’re here for quick, easy, and (semi) cheap drop in programs that you can do.


This is basically a tech petting zoo and a taco break.  To do a petting zoo, set out all the technology you have, preferably tech that need little to no assistance or instruction.  I recommend putting a flyer on each table saying what it is and providing step by step instructions.

Kahoot–  Kahoot is an online, interactive tech and tacos 3trivia game.  Go to Kahoot (preferably on a big screen), have everyone get out their phones, iPods, iPads, laptops, and go to this site and wait.  You select a quiz already made or one you made (you can make a quiz by following the instructions on the screen), give everyone the game pin and you’re off!-BTW, this will probably be the hit of the program.

Buzzfeed-We try to get our teens to be producers in addition to consumers-don’t just take umpteen Buzzfeed quizzes, make one.  Teaching teens to make a Buzzfeed quiz is a program by itself and I realized it would take too long so we didn’t do it.  But if you’d like to try it, it will be a 2 hour program.

tech and tacos 2Vine-At this time last year, many teens were consumers of Vine but not producers. Many of them had not heard of Vine. We simply showed interested teens how to make a Vine and how to make videos.  We also briefly talked about why Vine is so unique.

Apps-A popular app we used to make those photo booth strips was Cream and Sugar.

Your tech zoo can be tailor made based on the tech you have and the interests of your teens.

Smaller Programs

tech and tacos 6Apple Party– Feature apps on iPads for teens to explore and serve apple pie and apple juice.

Google Maps- Set out a riddle to a historical location to have teen locate it on Google Maps.

Adobe Illustrator– If you have iPads or Macs, let teens draw on Adobe Illustrator (the app is free). Then print them out.

Cell Phone Photography Contest-Have teens take out their devices and take a picture.  tech and tacos 9Have them follow you on FB, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or whatever social media your library has.  Give them a hashtag and have them post to your social media.  Give them about 15 minutes and reward the winner.

Facebook Trivia-This is great because teens can do this from home.  Give teens a day and specific time to log into your social media page. (It doesn’t have to be FB). Post trivia questions every 10 minutes or so and you can reward one winner or several winners.  They of course have to come to the library to pick up their prize.

SnapChat Scavenger Hunt-Make sure teens follow your account (It doesn’t have to be SnapChat). Snap pictures around your library every 10 minutes or so and have teen guess the location, the book, etc.

For more information, check out the YALSA blog’s post written by my coworker, Elise Martinez.

What is your library doing for Teen Tech Week?



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