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Your Moment of STEM: Animation Creation

animation 3For many of our programs at the ZB Public Library, we try to show teens that their interests can be careers.

Since many youths and teens are interested in animated films, we used simple app to show teens how to create their own animations and short films just like the films they see on TV and at the movies.

What You Need

animation1The app is called Animation Creator and it costs $1.99.  If you have multiple iPads, tablets, or computers, you can upload the app on several devices.

We used iPads and supplied each teen with a stylus.

And that’s it!

How The App Works

animation 4The app allows you to draw your image frame by frame.  It shows you the location of your previous sketch so you can easily track your animation.  It also allows you to preview and edit.  Once you are satisfied, you can add audio.  You can also select the speed of your animation.  Once you are finished, you can upload it immediately to Youtube.

How Much Time Does it Take?

animation 2Because it can be quite tedious, I recommend allowing a 2 hour program for creation, uploading, and showcasing everyone’s films.

Total Cost-$1.99-$10 (Cost of the app and Styluses)


Below, you will find the projects created by the students in the pictures. There are 9 films in all; click the “next” button to advance the animations.



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