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Passive Non-Agressive Programming: Snap Circuits

Snap Circuits

IMG_0138Snap Circuits teaches electronics by snapping together circuits.

Snap Circuits come in a kit with an instruction manual that shows you how to create 100 + projects such as doorbell, siren, fan, an AM radio, etc. The kits range in price from $25-$150.  The more projects included, the more it costs.

The great thing about Snap Circuits is that you can create a formal program around it. The first time we did a Snap Circuit program, we had a mechanical engineer come in and teach teens about electricity and how to create a circuit.

Because Snap Circuits come in a kit with easy to follow diagrams, you can set the box out on the table and let the teens explore.  They need NO instruction from you.  Because we are educators we like to engage and teens are always excited to show off their accomplishments.

We set a couple of kits out on game day and a couple of teens put down the Xbox controller and played with the Snap Circuits.

We’ve also had teens come back to tell us they bought one for themselves.

At our library, we’ve found Snap Circuits to be worthwhile investment.  We use them often in our teen room and at our various tech petting zoos.  It’s a great way to introduce teens to engineering that isn’t too difficult for the beginner but is also engaging for the advanced.



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