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Designernoon: Polymer Clay

Polymer clay crafts are a great way for teens to showcase their imagination.  Teens can make miniature food, jewelry, or figurines.

Supplies we use:

Follow the baking directions on the back of the clay.  We used a portable convection oven to bake the creations.


  1. Have teens clean their hands and utencils with the sanitizer after they handle the clay.  If they use the red clay and then white, the red will bleed into the white.
  2. Use the knives and toothpicks to cut and design creations.
  3. Use the screw eyes to make jewelry.
    1. You can bake the screw  eyes listed.  Add other jewelry components (chains, earrings, etc) after it is baked.
  4. When using the screw eyes, be sure the screw in the pin eyes into the clay otherwise it will fall out after baking.  If it falls out, use hot glue to repair.
    1. If you choose not to use the Silver Tone Screw Eyes, make sure whatever jewelry you are using can be baked in an oven.
  5. Put some examples on the table for those teens who need inspiration.


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