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Poe Party

poe 5To celebrate Halloween, The Day of the Dead, and generally everything creepy, we had an Edgar Allan Poe Party.  

Attendance: 12

Budget: $30

Decor: Traditional Halloween decor with a splattering of ravens.

Promotion: We purchased ravens from the Dollar Tree and placed them all over our Halloween book display.

Food: Poe-tato chips. We purchased that sign at the Dollar Tree and put blue Hawaiian Punch in cups.

Activities: Skull Poetry-We printed these skulls from the internet.  Tattoos-You can purchase tattoo paper and create your own designs.  We got this Nevermore design from Google.  Tattoo paper is expensive-$10 for 2 sheets. Face Painting-A teen did our face painting.  Poetry-We played this Youtube playlist of Edgar Allan Poe animations.  The teens REALLY enjoyed this, especially the Simpsons’ version.


YA Librarian. Lover of Sherlock. And all Things Harry Potter.

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