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Emoji Purse/Pouch

IMG_1355Emojis are becoming increasingly popular and we decided to do a craft that allowed teens to create their own emojis.  Of course they didn’t create their own; they looked them up online.  

Attendance: 10

Budget: $30 (The great thing is that you might have supplies to do another emoji program)

It was also an opportunity to teach teens how to sew with a sewing machine.  Did you know that many teens do not know how to hand sew?  Well, they don’t.  We did this as a drop in program in our teen room but if you decide to make it into a 2 hour program, you could teach teens the valuable life skill of knowing how to hand sew and sew with a machine.

Supplies: Four sheets of yellow felt, felt circles, and multi colored felt squared purchased from Amazon.  Fabric glue, hot glue, zippers, batting, sewing machine.

Prep: We pre cut the yellow circles, hearts, tear drops, and mouths.  (If you do this as a longer program, teens can cut their own shapes)


  1. Teens need to decide if they are going to make a pillow or a zipped pouch.
    1. Pillows-Sew or hot glue three quarters of two large yellow circles.  Stuff the pillow with batting and continue the circle.
    2. Pouch-Sew or glue the three quarters of two large yellow circles.  Hot glue the zipper to the inside of the top or 
      1. Cut a slit on one of the large yellow circles and glue a zipper on the inside. (this way is easier just be sure to buy short zippers-5″)
  2. Using fabric glue, have the teens design their emoji.

It’s a really fun craft and the teens leave with something that won’t end up in the garbage. 




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